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The following are terms of a legal agreement between you and Gigo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (“GigoFix”). By accessing, browsing and/or using the Website, Mobile Apps, or contacting GigoFix via telephone or electronic media (including, but not limited to e-mail, postings, social media sites, texts, etc.), (collectively referred to as the “Services”), you automatically agree to abide by GIGOFIX’S terms of use and acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree, to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the Services. All information appearing on the GigoFix Services, including the Website and Mobile Apps are the property of GIGOFIX and/or is presented with the permission of others. The Services, including the Website and Mobile Apps are controlled and operated by GIGOFIX. TERMS OF USE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME, EFFECTIVE UPON POSTING ON THE SERVICE. Disclaimer The information contained on the Services, including the Website and Mobile Apps is intended to provide information on various subjects of interest. YOUR USE OF THIS INFORMATION IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK OF LOSS RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS INFORMATION. GIGOFIX WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, WHETHER IN AN ACTION BASED UPON A STATUTE, CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION NEGLIGENCE) OR OTHERWISE. GIGOFIX nor its vendor partners, warrants that access to the Services will be uninterrupted or that the Services will be error free; nor do they make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the reliability, completeness, or content of any service, information or materials provided through or in connection with the use of the Services. User IDs and Passwords You will be solely responsible for the maintenance and security of any login identifiers and passwords. If you have a login identifier and password that are unique to you, you agree not to disclose or share your login identifier and password with any third party. GIGOFIX reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the Services, including the Website or Mobile App, or any part thereof, at any time in its sole discretion, with or without cause. Your access to the Services will terminate upon the termination of these Terms of Use by GIGOFIX for any reason. • Use of the Website is available only to individuals who are at least 18 years old and can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. You represent, acknowledge and agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that all registration information that you submit is truthful and accurate. • Your Account may be terminated without warning if we at our discretion, believe that you are under the age of 18 or that you are not complying with any applicable laws, rules or regulations. • You need not register with GIGOFIX to simply visit and view the Website, but to access and participate in certain features of the Website, you will need to create a password-protected account • To create an account, you must submit your name and email address through the account registration page on the Website and create a password. You will also have the ability to provide additional information, which is not required to register for an account but may be helpful to GIGOFIX in providing you with a more customized experience when using the Website. • You may also register for an Account using your existing Facebook account and log-in credentials. User Restrictions / Exceptions All material provided on the Services, including the Website and Mobile App, is held by GIGOFIX . Except as stated below, none of the material may be copied, reproduced, altered, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of GIGOFIX . You acknowledge and agree that your use of GIGOFIX ’s Services is for your personal use and not for advertising purposes. You may not use any of the GIGOFIX Services to recreate or compete with GIGOFIX , to solicit or harass anyone associated with GIGOFIX . • You may not upload any files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software that may damage the operation of another’s computer or mobile device. • You may not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others. • You may not publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any profane, defamatory, infringing obscene, or unlawful topic or information. • You may not data-mine, data-crawl or index any of the GIGOFIX ’s websites or mobile devices, including the Website and Mobile Apps. You acknowledge that a violation of the foregoing could result in significant damages, and you agree that you are liable to GIGOFIX for any such damages, and will indemnify GIGOFIX in the event of any third party claims against GIGOFIX based on or arising from your violation of the foregoing. We reserve the right to revoke your access to any GIGOFIX Services at any time. All information about GIGOFIX is confidential and for your personal use only. If it is determined or suspected by LGIGOFIX , in its sole discretion, that you are misusing or attempting to misuse or circumvent the GIGOFIX Services or system, or are using or attempting to use them for any inappropriate or non- personal purposes, including but not limited to activities such as hacking, scraping content, infiltrating, fraud, advertising, jamming or spamming, GIGOFIX reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to immediately terminate your access to the Services without notice and to initiate without notice appropriate legal actions or proceedings to seek appropriate remedies and/or damages, including but not limited to lost revenue, repairs, legal fees, costs and expenses, and to seek injunctions or other equitable remedies. www.GigoFix.com and the GIGOFIX logo are service marks owned by GIGOFIX . You may not copy or use any of these marks, logos or trade names without the express prior written consent of GIGOFIX . Additional Rules for Service Users • Payments for the services used will be mandatory and should be paid to the vendors directly • Inspection charge of Rs.100/- is to be paid to the Vendor if no service is availed • The final price to be quoted during inspection depends on the range of work. • Inspection charges will be waived off when a chargeable service is availed. Chargeable Service includes service charges, material charges and any other repair costs. • Post inspection, the user will be responsible to pay the vendor for the availed service. • GIGOFIX will not generate/provide any bill for the services availed. • Vendors will provide a bill on services with greater value or which covers warranty. • Insurance of upto Rs.10000/- can be claimed against any damage done by the assigned Vendor during the service. This is applicable for payment done Online only. If you have availed service for less than Rs. 10,000/-, you will be eligible for the lesser amount (service paid amount) for compensation against the damaged product. Lesser amount will be considered for the claim. Insurance cover will be approved only after service partner consent. In few cases, we may send our representative to visit the customer and check on the damage. Based on this, decision will be taken. This situation has to be reported immediately to the Customer Support Helpline Number. Beyond the immediate action, this claim will be rejected. • GIGOFIX will assure to take immediate action within our limit when any case of vendor unprofessionalism is reported by the user. Access and Information Your access is limited to viewing the information on GIGOFIX ’s Services, Website and Mobile Apps solely for legitimate business purposes. Any access or attempt to access other GIGOFIX computer systems or mobile platforms or other information contained on GIGOFIX systems or Services for any reason is prohibited. You agree not to use any information contained on the Website, Mobile Apps or Services for other than legitimate business purposes. Information You Provide Upon using any of the GIGOFIX Services, you will be prompted to disclose certain information about yourself, and you may be able to store information, on the Website or Mobile Apps (“Your Information”). Your Information is defined as any information you provide to GIGOFIX in connection with your registration for and or use of the Services, including without limitation those posted or transmitted for use in public areas. GIGOFIX , and the Services that GIGOFIX may provide (including, but not limited to the Website and Mobile Apps) are communication platforms that enable connections between users. Some of Your Information (Contact details during a service request) will be sent to GIGOFIX ’s vendor partners. By providing this information, you expressly consent to being contacted by GIGOFIX ’s vendor partners via phone at any of your contact numbers or address. • You agree that by completing this information, you agree to be contacted. • You promise that all information you provide will be accurate, current and truthful to the best of your knowledge. • You hereby represent and warrant to GIGOFIX that Your Information will not be false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading. • You are responsible for any use of the GIGOFIX Services by persons to whom you intentionally or negligently allow access to your password. TO KNOWINGLY INPUT FALSE INFORMATION, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO NAME, PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS OR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS A SERIOUS MATTER THAT COULD RESULT IN SIGNIFICANT COSTS AND DAMAGES INCLUDING INVASION OF PRIVACY RIGHTS TO GIGOFIX AS WELL AS THE LOSS OF TIME, EFFORT AND EXPENSE RESPONDING TO AND PURSUING SUCH FALSE INFORMATION AND REQUEST, AND FURTHER, COULD RESULT IN REGULATORY FINES AND PENALTIES. ACCORDINGLY, IF YOU KNOWINGLY INPUT FALSE INFORMATION, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, SOME ONE ELSE’S NAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS, PHYSICAL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER OR A RANDOM OR MADE UP NAME, ADDRESS, E-MAIL OR PHONE NUMBER, YOU AGREE TO FULLY INDEMNIFY AND BE LIABLE TO GIGOFIX WHO ACCEPTS SUCH INFORMATION, FOR THE GREATEST EXTENT PERMISSABLE BY LAW FOR EACH OF THE ACTUAL PERSON(S) AFFECTED BY ANY OF THE IMPROPER, INCORRECT OR FRAUDULENT INFORMATION YOU ENTER PER IMPROPER SUBMISSION, PLUS ANY LEGAL FEES AND EXPENSE RELATING THERETO, IF APPLICABLE, IN ADDITION TO THE ACTUAL DAMAGES, DIRECT, PUNITIVE AND CONSEQUENTIAL, AND ANY REGULATORY OR JUDICIAL FINES OR PENALTIES THAT MAY ARISE FROM SUCH INTENTIONAL, MISLEADING, HARMFUL AND FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY, PLUS REASONABLE LEGAL FEES, COST AND EXPENSES RELATING TO OBTAINING SUCH REMEDIES. You acknowledge and agree that GIGOFIX , may monitor and or record any telephone calls between you and GIGOFIX and/or its representatives. Dispute Resolution Assistance GIGOFIX may try and assist you in resolving any disputes that may arise in the course of any service. We may attempt to assist in the negotiations between a vendor and customer. We may, upon your request, provide limited assistance in resolving disputes between you and a vendor. • GIGOFIX acts as an aggregator between the vendor and the users. • GIGOFIX is not responsible for the conduct of the vendor. • Any price negotiation on the services availed needs to be between the vendor & the user. • A user can take necessary legal action against the vendor if the vendor is found guilty in any context including but not limited to seizing of the transactional activities and absconding. • GIGOFIX can only provide the vendors KYC documents to the concerned authorities for any legal issues and will not be responsible for any interference between the vendor & the user. Ratings and Reviews are not endorsed by GIGOFIX All ratings and reviews displayed to you reflect the opinions of other consumers, and do not reflect or represent the opinions or representations of GIGOFIX. GIGOFIX disclaims any and all representations or warranties with regard to the ratings and reviews. GIGOFIX does not assume responsibility or liability for any rating or review or for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from any use of the Website, Services, Mobile Apps or the materials contained therein. Terms of Use Revisions GIGOFIX may, at any time, revise these Terms of Use by updating this posting without prior notice. By using the Website, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then-current Terms of Use to which you are bound. If any future changes to these Terms of Use are unacceptable to you or cause you to no longer be in compliance with these Terms of Use you must terminate, and immediately stop using, the Services. Your continued use of the Services following any revision to these Terms of Use constitutes your complete and irrevocable acceptance of any and all such changes. GIGOFIX may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Services at any time. GIGOFIX may also impose limits on certain features or restrict your access to parts or all of the Services without notice or liability. Indemnification YOU AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS TO GIGOFIX, ITS DIRECTORS, AND EMPLOYEES, FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIM, LOSS, EXPENSE OR DEMAND OF LIABILITY, AND COSTS INCURRED, AND HOLD THEM EACH HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OR DEMANDS, INCLUDING LEGAL FEES, MADE BY ANY THIRD PARTY DUE TO OR ARISING FROM YOUR USE OF THE GIGOFIX SERVICES, WITH REGARD TO ANY DISPUTE BETWEEN YOU AND A VENDOR, OR YOUR VIOLATION OF THESE TERMS OF USE, OR ARISING FROM YOUR VIOLATION OF ANY RIGHTS OF A THIRD PARTY.